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Movers Soyuz LLC was founded with a mission to build a trustful relationship with the customers all over the United States. Also, the Movers Soyuz could serve all the needs and wants, reflecting honesty and dignity of each person. Everyone who works in Movers Soyuz LLC is selected based on their working skills and each of them has at least 5 years of hard work on this field. We are dealing with your future so we want to make it perfect from the day of the moving?

We are 100% confident that each member of Movers Souyz team will do everything to let customer smile by the end of the day. Because this is what makes our team members do their job not because they have to do it but because they want to do. When you make someone a little bit happier and when you reach the expectation of the customer, this is the matter of life. It makes us human beings. This is philosophy of Movers Soyuz team. We always follow the path of taking care about people, this intention is a key to happiness.


Our attitude is to make sure that each of our customers will receive a service like a family member.


Our partners are fully licensed and they have all the necessary insurance and transportation documents to protect all your belongings.


Find a solution in any tricky situations no matter how hard it would be, happy customer happy Movers Soyuz team.



Moving is always stress but our partners will make sure that you will feel 100% confident about your belongings because we all human beings and understand that this table or chair can mean more then just a piece of furniture so they will carefully wrap and prepare for any future transportation. Smile from our clients it’s the biggest honor for us! Long distance move can be an elaborate affair so we want to make sure that moving will go smoothly, so we are confident that we will provide high quality service.

Movers Soyuz is a long distance provider and has the resources that are needful and necessary for long distance moving. We are offer professional movers, labor, boxing, packing, and storage services. As well as positive attitude. All trucks equipped with all necessary supplies.  If you have any fragile and/or valuable items, moving team will ensure proper protection.



Using hight quality boxes for packing your goods. You have something that the size of the box does not exist, no problem, we always can make a custom box especially for you. Besides the regular packing, we also provide a special packing for dishes, glasses or mirrors and any other fragile items that you might have.


Logistics is a main priority. Our partners have to make sure that everything will be delivered in time. That is why they always ready to deliver your goods in the most convenient time for you. With the aim to do it they have hundreds of drivers who are ready to deliver your goods to any State.

Door-To-Door Delivery

Door-to-door delivery is actually the service which is every customer will receive. We have had a situation when the customer was located on their private island. And our partners moved their goods without any problems or delays. Our partners are 100% confident and promise to each of our customer to provide door-to-door delivery in time


If for some reason you need time to move to your new house, you can always storage your goods as long as you need. The pricing is absolutely affordable. And also the good side of this that you don’t need to worry at all about transportation of your goods. All your belongings will be fully insured in case anything can happen.


Movers Soyuz LLC was founded by two creative men who are very open minded. Their both used to be a Nationwide professional sportsmen, which reflects their passion and being responsible to business. CEO: “Dedication to our job came from our background where me and my business partner used to be a Nationwide professional sportsmen’s. Nowadays we are reflection our temperament to the Movers Soyuz LLC”

Movers Soyuz LLC has absolutely open sources documentation. We always let each customer any possible future chargers. Because once again we want to make the move as easy as possible for you and unplanned expenses can be very stressful.

Interstate Moving for us it’s more then just a business. This is the style of the life and we are investing 100% of our time into this. Time is the most expensive thing that we have that’s why we won't to waste it.

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

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Interstate Moving service is probably one of the most responsible services in the moving industry. That is why we are proud of giving one of the best services because we know all the tricky things that might can happen because we have had 5 years of experience and one thing we understood for sure, when customer is happy this is what make sense and brings life into the company.

The atmosphere inside Movers Soyuz company based on good relationship between the service we provide, our partners and actual customers.
Our partners have all the necessary documents such as bills of lading, invoices, insurance and hight qualified drivers and helpers.

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